About Us


O’Baby is one of the leading brands of India and has been helping the comfort-conscious generation  since 2010. Based in India, O’Baby offers the most comfortable nightwear that improves your nights to get a peaceful sleep.


If you’re tired of uncomfort and finding something else with ease and softness in fabric then you’re at the right place. We offer the latest in women’s fashion nightwear adding a range of colours in your wardrobe.
We offer a 100% cotton hosiery and modal fabric nightwear at a price you can afford..


Our target audience is the comfort conscious women’s wear market. We aim to be exciting and innovative, offering our customers the styles they want, when they want. To stay in touch with the ever changing trends within our market we have developed a dynamic and very responsive organisation.
We realise the most important part of our success is our customer. This is why we are focused on delivering an exciting shopping experience and making sure that our high standards of quality, value for money and service are always met.


Our buying and design team develop our own styles and bring the latest colours and patterns quickly to the shop floor. This fast, flexible supply chain, together with the winning formula of style, quality, value and service has enabled O’Baby to grow rapidly into a leading brand.
Led by a team of highly dedicated and motivated group of individuals we are firmly focused on our customer’s needs. We hope that with continuous developments and innovation we will continue to expand and bring our unique experience to shoppers throughout the world at a price you can afford.
O’Baby is a strong believer of the “Make in India” and expects every Indian to be.